The Intercession for Priests is a place of sincerity, where gossip and cynicism are absent and where everyone acknowledges the need for repentance, healing and spiritual renewal.

The joy of the Lord is evident. Priests who come to pray for others always go away greatly blessed themselves. It has certainly been true in the past. The “Intercession” is a work of faith, but more than anything else it is a gesture of great love for the gift of priesthood and for all the “vessels of clay” in which it is carried.

“There are such encounters in your life-time that they have a decisive influence for your spiritual life. Personally, such graces with deep influence, I have been given through the many personal meetings with John Paul II and – for more than 20 years – with Fr. Kevin Scallon and Sr. Briege McKenna – specially through the Intercession for Priests. From the very beginning – taking part in the Intercession in Dublin – I was deeply touched by the fresh openness for the Holy Spirit, love of Our Lady, and love with obedience to the Church. Coming back to Poland I always found myself spiritually renewed and refreshed in hope, thankful awareness of God’s favour and always newly astonished of the mystery of the priesthood and Divine Mercy given through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I could see the beauty of God’s blessing – the revival and renewal of hearts of my brother priests taking part in the Intercession for Priests in Poland. I praise and thank the Lord for his wonderful gift – gift of Intercession for Priests” [Fr. Tadeusz Skrzypczyk].

One priest wrote: “It has always been of great help for me to attend the Intercession for Priests. It really can only be understood by experience. No one can describe how it happens, but it is a spiritual experience beyond words which has helped me to appreciate my priesthood more and more. Thank you for having started and for continuing with Intercession for Priests”.

Another priest wrote: “The Intercession for Priests has helped me enormously to value Priesthood as a gift, and to feel called to play a vital part in God’s loving plan for the world. It has been a great support to gather in prayer and sharing with other priests, young and old, all with a desire to live their priesthood with generosity and joy even in challenging times.”

“The Intercession for Priests means everything to me. My life would be dead without it. I love attending it and meeting Priests from all over the world. Praying and celebrating the Eucharist brings us together. The talks are great and the chats over meals are great.”

“Intercession at All Hallows College is an annual and most enjoyable experience. The example, sharing, friendship and caring of Sr. Briege, Fr. Kevin and the core team are affirming, uplifting, and inspiriting. The devout celebrations of the Eucharist, Reconciliation and Anointing are refreshing and grace-filled. Where else could one encounter such a charistmatic impressario as the inimatable, talented, learned, irrepressible Fr. Jack?”